Personal Chatting with Colleagues While Tea Break

Corporate chat is an important and always an integral part of the work. It should be treated responsibly and carefully, since during the correspondence some important issues are resolved and the decisions are made. One should not forget that the impression of you will depend on the style of communication. Correspondence “at work about work” is very convenient, because at any time you can check the elements of discussion, as well as resolved or delegated organizational aspects of the projects. You can vote online, or plan a task with the team. These are just a few of the benefits of the corporate chats.

In order for you to be an exemplary colleague, we suggest you to use some important tips that our employees in ObriSoft use, namely:

1. Do not ignore the messages and always write during the working hours: try to respond in a timely manner to messages from your colleagues; the attitude towards you and the promotion of the project depend on that. Be responsible and respect the free time of the others.

2. Use the “Reply” button: it’s convenient for you and your colleagues to see which question you answered or commented on. This maintains a logically complete chain of questions, to which you can always return. For chats with a large number of participants, saving context is just what you need.

3. Try to avoid slang. Note that slang in a young team is normal. However, the project does not always unite all people of the same age. Someone may not even understand what you are talking about. Respect everyone, mail with the common words.

4. Smileys and stickers make it positive. But, we believe, you should not spam with that. The work text should be read concisely, clear and seriously. So, please avoid abusing smileys.

5. It is not convenient for everyone to listen to the audio messages. Still better and faster to read. Try to summarize your opinion and ideas in writing.

6. It is important to remember the purpose of the conversation and to be concise in your statements. Then the working chat will be like a clockwork mechanism, where everyone works accurately and harmoniously!