Check Our Trusted Partners

Our partners are the backbone of our success. We collaborate with a diverse range of organizations, from startups to industry leaders, to deliver innovative solutions and drive mutual growth. Together, we leverage our collective expertise and resources to achieve shared goals and create lasting value.


The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic hub at the heart of Ukraine’s business landscape. With a rich history of fostering economic growth and facilitating international trade, together we are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.


The Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry is your gateway to thriving business opportunities in the historic city of Lviv. As a leading advocate for local enterprises and international trade, they provide a supportive ecosystem for businesses of all sizes. We joined Lviv and Ukrainian CCI in early 2014.


The London Chamber of Commerce is a trusted partner for businesses in one of the world’s most influential economic hubs. With a legacy of empowering enterprises and promoting commerce, they offer a wide range of resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy services. We are a full member of LCCI since the beginning of 2023.


The European Enterprise Network is your gateway to a vast network of business support organizations across Europe. They specialize in connecting entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs with the resources and expertise they need to thrive in the European market. We joined them to unlock opportunities, foster innovation, and expand our business horizons across the continent.


Our company is proud to collaborate closely with the Department of Applied Linguistics at Lviv Polytechnic National University. This partnership allows us to tap into a wealth of linguistic expertise and innovative research, enhancing our ability to communicate effectively in diverse markets. Together, we’re bridging the gap between industry and academia to achieve meaningful results in the realm of language and communication.


Our company is delighted to collaborate with the Ukrainian Students League, a dynamic organization representing the future leaders of Ukraine. Through this partnership, we aim to support and nurture the talents and aspirations of young students across the nation. Together, we’re fostering innovation, professional development, and a brighter future for Ukraine.