Eating Food with Colleagues

Communication, emotional intelligence and socialization are the integral attributes of a person. We are interested in sharing our emotions and thoughts with the others. And if you have the opportunity to do so during a lunch break in the office or restaurant, why not?

It is through the communication that increases efficiency. The brain switches from performing analytical tasks to creative thinking, which forms new neural connections that are waiting to hear and process a new flow of information. This how you reboot and rest. Then you can easily get to work after a mental rest. Accuracy, attention to detail are the important aspects for ObriSoft programmer. Therefore, it is necessary to combine creative rest with the accurate work.

The experts recommend that employers should allocate a separate room for joint lunches when equipping the office. This brings people together; they get common views, ideas. This helps increase the company’s profits. At the table, people are usually open and willing to communicate freely. You can even invite one of your new colleagues to a home lunch or dinner, where a special atmosphere of warmth is created.

For new employees, a lunch with colleagues can be a way to make new friends and get closer to colleagues, which will help to adapt to the new job so that you can be considered a worthy player. After all, people want a good attitude around. And in this way the routine work process becomes more interesting and there is a motivation to work more cohesively.

Some interesting cases on how to make a good impression during lunch with colleagues:

1. Avoid sharing personal problems;

2. Follow hygiene: use wipes, wash your hands;

3. Know how to listen and do not interrupt;

4. Do not be distracted when discussing an important project.

Avoid making the rest area and the work space in one place. This way you will not be able to rest for a few minutes or work productively. The brain remembers the peak of its productivity in the place where it was most active. The same is with the rest. Separate work and overload zones.