Work From Home While Covid

Do you know that 53.3% of developers worldwide support the option of working from home while hiring? This option became the second request after vacations/holidays. It is even more important than extended health insurance. It seems that more and more employers understand the benefits of such a work-schedule, especially the programmer. If you are a disciplined person, working from home is almost always more effective than office fuss.

And the period of COVID-19 pandemic forced us to move to the remote regime, which created a revolution in office life.

However, you should not be upset, because there you have some advantages to this type of work. Some ObriSoft Developers commented on their workflow from home, and here’s what happened:

“It is more productive to work from home. Nothing distracts me, I have more relaxation and concentration. I also save time on my trips to the office. I like it!”

“I did not experience a crisis in the company during the quarantine. Everyone works actively, there are often video calls. But this is quarantine, we have to adapt. All projects were delivered in time.”

“I am not in danger of getting COVID-19, because I am at home. The principle of operation has not changed – I’m still at the computer, only the view in the window is different ☺”

However, there are also negative reviews about working from home. First of all, it is a loss of social interaction, when with a minimum number of social contacts it is more difficult to generate creative ideas and solutions. The majority of employees complain that they have started working more than working in an office. The schedule is busier, the payment of tasks can decrease. The situation was improved in the gamedev industry: more work with interesting projects and an increase in wages and bonuses.

The quarantine has led to numerous redundancies and layoffs.

We believe that the freedom to choose the type of work is the best reward that motivates programmers to perform tasks better.