Plants on the Desk

Do you like plants? This is a little bit of a beauty in this big technological world of the programmer.

When inhaling the scent of flowers, a person receives a charge of optimism, and begins to feel a surge of vitality, peace and confidence. The plant is able to create a favorable atmosphere at your workplace; it increases efficiency.

Equally important is the color of the petals of your favorite flowers. For example, the purple promotes the development of intellectual abilities, increases concentration, and helps to find common ground with the colleagues. The best options for project managers. White color of petals harmonizes the space, helps to establish a peaceful atmosphere and mutual understanding in the team. The plant is especially needed by those who are unable to establish contact with colleagues. It is recommended to place a crimson or pink color plant on the pessimist’s table. The flower will give a positive charge and add the vitality. And the red color of the petals will help those who have a poor health.

In order for the flower to cope with its functions, it should be provided with proper care. Periodically wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. It will be easier to work in an office where the air is clean.

We in ObriSoft have our favorite plant, the so called money tree (Crassula), which travels with us from office to office and already gave us a lot of “children” to put in different rooms.

According to numerous polls, the lemon tree is the most popular. The lemon tree will perfectly fit into any working space, and will increase working capacity. Citruses saturate the air with essential oils, due to which: soothe people in the room and deodorize the air.

The volatile substances produced by the lemon tree eliminate pathogenic bacteria. Office staff working in the room where the lemon tree grows are:

• Rarely prone to colds;

• Resistant to stressful situations;

• Energetic;

• Workable.

Citrus crops improve human well-being in general, increase mental activity. If you mash a lemon leaf and breathe its aroma, you will immediately feel a surge of vigor and strength.

Properly chosen plant for the office will help not only to increase the efficiency of the person and improve the health of the body, but also to establish the relationships in the team, to harmonize the space.

Knowing which green pet is best to get in the workplace will help you achieve your goals and make a great career.