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Obrisoft developers at work
4 Jun, 2021

Developers are Busy in Work

Developers are the specialists that professionally create MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and not only MVP but the product according to the customer’s requirements and wishes. No project in the field of information technology is completed without …

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Obrisoft work from home
15 Jul, 2021

Work From Home While Covid

Do you know that 53.3% of developers worldwide support the option of working from home while hiring? This option became the second request after vacations/holidays. It is even more important than extended health insurance. It seems …

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Obrisoft work place
22 Aug, 2021

Plants on the Desk

Do you like plants? This is a little bit of a beauty in this big technological world of the programmer. When inhaling the scent of flowers, a person receives a charge of optimism, and begins to feel a surge of vitality, peace and confidence …

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Obrisoft work at kitchen
12 Sep, 2021

Eating Food with Colleagues

Communication, emotional intelligence and socialization are the integral attributes of a person. We are interested in sharing our emotions and thoughts with others. And if you have the opportunity to do so during a lunch break in …

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Obrisoft communications
10 Oct, 2021

Personal Chatting While Tea Break

Corporate chat is an important and always an integral part of the work. It should be treated responsibly and carefully, since during the correspondence some important issues are resolved and the decisions are made. One should …

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